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What are the symptoms of a gum abscess?

Dental inspection and clean

Synergy Clinic in Addlestone offers advice on this uncomfortable problem. Other than for check up appointments or cosmetic work, patients generally come to our Addlestone dental clinic when they have a problem with a tooth. Decay and broken teeth are

Should You Be Worried About Root Canal Treatment?

Dentist Dr Shaimil Patel

Addlestone dentist, Dr Shaimil Patel, helps patients understand this tooth saving procedure. As dentists, we understand that many patients exhibit at least some signs of anxiety and worry when they need to see a dentist, especially if they know that

Oral Health Care Tips For Children

Young family with children

Getting your child off to a good start with healthy teeth will pay dividends later on. As adults, hopefully we are all aware of the importance of taking good care of our teeth and gums. However, there are probably readers

Maintaining Healthy Teeth AND Gums

Hygienist Adam Mohsen

Should seeing a dental hygienist be an ‘optional extra’ or an essential part of your oral health care? Advances in home dental care, and better oral health education, means that most people are now increasingly aware of the importance of

A Few Great Reasons To Consider Having Your Teeth Straightened In Addlestone

Teeth straightening brace

Just having attractive teeth is not the only reason why you should consider orthodontic treatment. Back in the day, the only way that you could have your teeth straightened was to have the old fashioned, sometimes uncomfortable and very visible,

The Sugar Time Bomb

Dentist Jaymish Patel

Why is sugar harmful to our teeth and do you know how much you really consume each day? It has long been established that sugar is harmful for our teeth and this is something that our parents, and their parents

Safe And Unsafe Teeth Whitening Methods

Dr Mani Virdee Synergy Clinic Dentist

Dr Mani Virdee discusses the risks some people take with unsafe tooth whitening methods. First of all, let us be clear; a teeth whitening procedure when done correctly, is both perfectly safe and a really effective way of improving a

Can Anybody Have Dental Implants?

Single dental implant

Dr Werner Krohn looks at who may, or may not, be suitable for this popular tooth replacement procedure. There was a time, not so long ago, when hardly anybody had even heard of dental implants. Now though, it is one

The Importance Of Good Dental Care In Our Later Years


Why looking after our teeth well now, can have a significant benefit for our quality of life in the years to come. When we are young, we tend not to think of the health issues that might affect us as

Do You Suffer From Bad Breath?

Dental inspection and clean

If so, it may not just be the food and drinks that you are eating and drinking that are causing it. Most of our Addlestone patients probably associate bad breath with the foods that we eat. Garlic, to take a