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Helping our Addlestone patients avoid dental problems over the Christmas holiday period

We hope that you enjoyed our introductory blog which was posted recently. We promise that we will get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of procedures and dental problems in the New Year, looking at each of them in more detail. With Christmas now just a few days away though, we thought that it would be a good idea to look at a few simple ways that you can make the most of the festivities, without harming your teeth and gums.

No one wants to spend Christmas in pain with a severe toothache, or a tooth that has broken or been knocked out, making it difficult to enjoy their Christmas dinner. Whilst accidents can, and do, happen, here are a few things that our Synergy Clinic patients might wish to consider in order to have a safe and happy Christmas.

Alcohol consumption

There is little doubt that some of us will drink more than we usually do over the Christmas holidays. Whilst we may rarely drink during the rest of the year, there is a tendency to ‘let ourselves go’ over the Christmas break. This can have disastrous results for a few people and accidents such as falls or blows to the face are much more likely if we are under the influence of to much alcohol. Do try to moderate your intake, perhaps alternating your beverages with good old water. You will probably be grateful for it the next day!

Use a bottle opener


A straightforward guide to achieving good oral health

Hello and welcome to the first dental blog from the Synergy Clinic in Addlestone. We will be using these blogs to bring you up to date with the latest news in the dental world, and to take the opportunity to explain to our patients, the treatments that we have available, in more detail. We will also look at general oral health care and start with a basic guide to this today.

Good oral health practice

To have healthy teeth and gums, we need to look at a number of aspects of how we look after them. These include what we eat and drink, how we clean them at home, and the professional care so necessary to ensure they stay in good health. All of these factors are important and we will focus on each in turn.


What we consume materially affects how healthy our teeth and gums are.  Excess sugar consumption is already widely known to be harmful to our teeth, leading to tooth decay. What fewer people probably appreciate is that it also acts as a food source for the bacteria in our mouth that can cause gum disease. This is important, as gum disease is not just about sore gums and spitting a little blood after brushing our teeth, but also about damage to the bone that holds the teeth in place. Without professional intervention, this can lead to tooth loss.

It is not only sugar that is harmful though. Acidic foods are equally problematic as they damage the protective enamel layer on our teeth. Once this has become compromised, decay and root canal infections may well follow. Even healthy foods such as citric fruits can be harmful in this way, although one of the worst culprits at the moment would appear to be the regular consumption of sports or energy drinks.

Smoking too is a real problem and significantly contributes to gum disease and also oral cancers. We will discuss these in more detail in future blogs.