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Welcome to MyChoice Plan

Comprehensive dental care, private and great value

MyChoice is designed to give you everything you can get on the NHS with some additional extras, like convenient, ‘work friendly’ appointment slots, white fillings, hygienist visits and access to specialist materials at favourable costs.

For some people, MyChoice is attractive because it may actually be cheaper than having treatment on the NHS¹. For most people the reason they take MyChoice is its highly specified comprehensive cover at an all-in cost. MyChoice brings to you all the benefits of private and personal dental care, including appointments that can be prompt and at times will better suit those with busy schedules.

Additionally, there is access to ‘top end’ dental options² at highly discounted prices compared to most private dentists.

MyChoice Plan puts you in control of your dental care costs. For around 67 pence per day per member, you can ensure your and your family’s most common dental needs are taken care of.

Comprehensive dental care from only £4.62 per week (Silver Plan) to £6.00 per week (Gold Plan).

  • Everything dental you get on the NHS is covered
  • Everyone qualifies
  • Plus convenient, fast appointment times
  • White fillings
  • Hygienist cover (free with the Gold Plan, or at 50% discount for Silver plan)
  • 20% Discount on cosmetic dentistry

Please send me details or call me to discuss how MyChoice Plan would benefit my dental heath

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There’s a choice of two plans:
MyChoice Silver,
and the more comprehensive
MyChoice Gold.

Both provide you with all your dental care essentials - not to mention exclusive extras like hygienist visits to white fillings.

What’s more, unlike other private dental plans where you are charged more depending on the dentist’s assessment of your ‘dental fitness’, our membership is open to all and has the same monthly cost regardless.

There are no restrictions on entry.

¹Mrs Jones has been advised by her dentist she needs a crown. As she does not qualify for free NHS treatment*, she has to pay the NHS Band 3 treatment cost of £256.50. Under MyChoice, Silver option, signed up for a minimum of a year, she would pay £240.

²When we called six NHS dental providers within a 10 mile radius, we found that the average appointment available, if at all, had a wait time of 4.5 weeks.

*Not under 18, not being treated in hospital or on low income

Or to find out more about MyChoice call.......


01932 856541

Define the level of dental cover you prefer.

MyChoice Gold Cover £26 per month
MyChoice Silver £20 per month


Takes the worry out of your everyday dental care

  Silver Plan
£20 per month
Gold Plan
£26 per month
NHS equivalent services Y Y
All services available on the NHS are available on MyChoice Plan
Dental check-up 2 per year 2 per year
Free Hygienist visit (6 monthly) 1 per year
50% off further hygiene visits
Amalgam Fillings
White Fillings
Root Canal Treatment
No lab fees for NHS treatments
20% off all cosmetic treatments
Free MyChoice cover for children 1 child per adult
Discount for additional family members on cosmetic dentistry (20%)
Family plan discount 2 adults plus 2 children under 18: £50 /month
Joining Fee £9 £9


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum term for joining? Yes, twelve months.
  • Can I pay monthly? Yes. Except when the very first treatment you have is the equivalent of an NHS band 3 treatment (under NHS this would cost you £256.60). To keep it fair to all members, we would ask you to pay 12 months’ premium up front.
  • I think I have had lot of problems with my teeth. Will the dentist allow me to be on the Plan? Yes.
  • What if I need to see my dentist in between the scheduled check ups? If you have concerns, it would be perfectly fine to make an additional appointment.
  • How do I join? Complete the form above to get us to contact you, or call in and ask our friendly reception team to help – membership can be completed in just a few minutes.
  • I am particularly keen on having my crown made of tooth coloured materials, but my current private dentist has quoted me £695.00 - what would my cost be if I joined the plan? The material you are referring to is [IPS e-max] (fully ceramic and no metal!). Under My Choice Gold if you were to opt for that material you would pay for the material at cost - that is £150. If you were having a crown done under the NHS and you are not entitled to free treatment, your contribution to treatment would be £256.50. However, you are highly unlikely to get offered this option. So opting for private as you state at £695 was until recently the only option. Under MyChoice, your whole years monthly fees would come to £312. It entitles you to hugely discounted lab fees – and the total cost comes to £462. Additional benefit includes the hygienist treatment that is also covered, plus the peace of mind that you are covered for as many visits of the dentist that you need – your dental care throughout the year is all included.